Unique Products
Living Gold Company is a well-established manufacturer (since 1991).
Situated 30 miles NE of downtown Los Angeles, CA, we are the source
of the brand names
"Living Gold" and "Birth Color Rose."

Every year, we transform thousands of flowers, leaves and other real
items into tokens of precious metals (24K gold, silver, platinum, etc.).

The uniqueness of such work is to ensure virtually everything lasts
forever. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and takes up to 60 steps to be
completed. They are indeed ideal and unique gifts for any occasion.

*Featured items:
Real Rose Dipped in 24K Gold, Silver & Platinum
Lasting Forever
Business Opportunities
Proven to be the fortune to many successful businesses during the
last decade in times when the economy is good or bad, our products
enjoy the great perceived value, but at a very affordable cost. They
have become very popular in the gift and jewelry industries, selling
through Jewelry stores, Flower & Gift shops, Wedding shops, online,
and more.

We Offer:
1. Competitive factory wholesale prices
  • Real roses dipped in 24K Gold, Silver and Platinum
  • Real roses in birth colors trimmed in Gold or Platinum
  • Real leaves dipped in 24K Gold, Rose Gold, Silver,
    Platinum & Iridescent Copper
  • Real things dipped in 24K Gold & Platinum
Living Gold Company
  • Free display posters with any purchase order
  • Free digital products CD for website or printing
  • Free brochures (limited quantity)

For orders and more information
Please call 1-800-588-5460
*For further assistance, please call Toll-free:
10 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday
  •       Or,  E-mail: goldroseking@yahoo.com
  •         You may also contact your local Jewelry stores or Flower
    shops for our "Living Gold" products. If you need help we may refer some
    local stores near you who might carry "Living Gold" brand products.
  •        On the "Contact Us" page, please tell us your city and zip code,
    and we will email you with information about local stores that carry our
  • * Payment: All credit cards accepted through "PayPal" worldwide.
  •                    Money orders and checks are accepted if sent in advance.
Real Flowers & Leaves plated in precious metals
- Original source starting here ...
- Factory wholesale site
Individual Retail Shopping Online is available
3. Free consultation on products, sales & marketing
2. Custom-made deluxe packaging boxes
*Held steady by a plastic velvet insert, the rose
shows                  great jewelry appeal and is ready for sale
without hassles
*Printed on the box is the story about how the rose was made
*Attached is a special card with a warranty: It is made of a  
real rose finished with precious metal
Red Window Box
For 12" roses
Gold Foil Box
For 12" roses
Gold Foil Cone Box
For 17" roses
Cream White Window Box
For 17" roses
Asiatic Lily
Featured Products
4. Free marketing tools & service:
Green Window Box
for 9" or 12" roses
with crystal vase
New & Specials
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Trade Show Schedule:
Sorry, we have cancelled our trade shows for the upcoming year to
concentrate on production to better serve our customers.
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