Maoyou Liu
president of the company

Living Gold Co. is a well-established manufacturer (since 1991),
situated 30 miles NE of Downtown Los Angeles, California . Each
year, we can produce more than 100,000 gold and platinum roses
and other unique items. We specialize in non-conductive
electro-plating, such as leaves, flowers and even fruits plated in
copper, nickel, gold and platinum. Living Gold Co. has been proudly
claimed "the best and the biggest gold rose and platinum rose factory
in the world."

We have a great team of well-trained and skilled workers and
technicians. We are well-equipped with unique technology and
advanced machines, and we are well-organized with a good
management system for excellent quality and efficiency. That is what
makes our company successful.

We offer about 300 different items that are made of different natural
items such as real leaves and cones dipped in 24K gold. They are
made into earrings, pendants and pins as well as ornaments. We also
carry custom-made items such as all kinds of sports balls, real cigars,
and real baby shoes that are all dipped in 24K gold and platinum to
be lifetime keep-sakes. Our special service is featured with "fresh
flowers" dipped in 24K gold and platinum for those who like to keep
the flowers last forever, such as the ones brought from funerals.

Among the unique items, the roses, of course, enjoy the best -selling
title. The words of "Gold Rose" and "Platinum Rose" and "Birth Color
Roses" have been widely circulated in the world, and they have
become a part of our proud American culture since the early '90s. Our
roses are the best choice for those who like to express their sincere
love and appreciation.

Nevertheless, our roses are absolutely winning products that support
many business and sell well at any time whether it's a good or bad
economy. Please contact us for confidential                      prices so
you may start doing business with us!

Our gold and platinum roses are made of real roses shipped directly
from a nursery overnight whenever we need. There is special
employee assigned to take care of the roses. One of her most
important tasks is to watch the flowers and catch them when they
open and bloom at right time. Without any hesitation, the flowers are
carefully selected, sized and formed immediately while they are fresh
at the peak of their beauty.

Then, the flowers are electro-plated with our own secret-blended
formula. Later they are re-formed and repaired again and again until
they are ready for the gold or platinum finishing. They are
electro-plated in the layers of copper, nickel and 24k gold or platinum.
The whole process takes 3 to 6 month of hand work and over 50
steps. After they are done, they will live forever with amazing
impressive appeal for your lifetime enjoyment. It is not just a regular
rose, but a beautiful piece of art.
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